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2020 Coronavirus Outbreak – How Does It Affect Aston, PA?

Recent news reports suggest the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global health concern.

2020 Coronavirus Outbreak - How Does It Affect Aston, PA?

Call ahead if you suspect you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Can I be tested for a COVID-19 infection at AFC Urgent Care Aston? Is there COVID-19 screening available if I am not sure?

Yes! Screening and testing for COVID-19 are available right now at AFC Urgent Care Aston. All of our screening and testing for this illness are conducted virtually via telemed or outside our facility. No COVID-19 patients are seen at our urgent care facility in Aston. These protocols are in place to protect the health of our staff and other patients visiting our walk-in urgent care center for treatment.

If you suspect you have symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to our clinic. Instead, you will make a telemedicine appointment. Through a virtual video visit on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you will connect with an Aston-based physician who will evaluate your symptoms and order a COVID-19 test. Once arranged, your test will occur outside our facility.

Do you have any questions about this process or would like more information about testing or screening? Please call our clinic during business hours at (484) 766-3502.

Click here to make a telemedicine appointment.

Is AFC Urgent Care open for non-COVID testing and other types of visits?

Yes! AFC Urgent Care Aston remains open seven days a week to treat our neighbors in the Aston area for a variety of nonlife-threatening injuries and illnesses. We are classified as an “essential business” in Pennsylvania, so we have remained open during this crisis. Our other services such as x-ray and physicals are also still available. No appointment is ever needed to be seen by a doctor at our walk-in urgent care center in Aston. We only ask that anyone suspected of having COVID-19 to make a telemedicine appointment.

Our telemedicine system is also available for non-COVID-19 related illnesses and injuries. Many illnesses and injuries can be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated over telemedicine. If during the session, our doctor would like to see you in person, we can then arrange for an appointment at our urgent care center. If you aren’t sure if your ailment can be assessed over telemedicine, call today and speak with our staff. We are more than happy to help you figure out the best way to get you the treatment you need.

Thank you. We are grateful for the trust you have shown us and we look forward to continuing to serve you here in the Aston, PA area.

For more information, please visit:

The CDC’s paged dedicated to this outbreak

The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s page dedicated to this outbreak

Delaware County Guidance

Check out this video about COVID-19 from Dr. Peter Lin, a family physician in Toronto, Canada.

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