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Digital X-Ray Walk-in Clinic in Aston, PA

AFC Urgent Care Provides Broken Bone X-Rays and Injury Treatment

Digital X-Ray Walk-in Clinic in Aston, PA

When you suffer a minor accident or fall, many times, someone might tell you to “walk it off” or “rub dirt into it” to feel better. These methods don’t exactly have the scientific backing of the medical community. If you think you have suffered a bone fracture, come to AFC Urgent Care Aston in Delaware County right away to access our onsite digital x-ray. This powerful diagnostic tool is available seven days a week with no appointment needed. We are an affordable choice instead of the emergency room, where most people think you must go when your primary care provider is unavailable. Skip the long waits and high costs of an ER visit in the Aston area and be seen today by one of our board-certified doctors.

Why should I get an x-ray now? Shouldn’t I just wait until I feel better to get an x-ray taken?

Delaying examination by a medical professional puts you at risk for further aggravating an injury. The digital x-ray at our urgent care center can look for fractures. Not only can waiting can further aggravate these injuries, it can make them even worse. You could be risking permanent damage and ensure a longer and more expensive recovery. Even if a x-ray confirms there is no fracture, you could still be suffering from a sprain or strain that also will need medical attention. Rely on our expertise so you can recover as quickly as possible from your nonlife-threatening injury.

Is it painful to get an x-ray? Why is it a digital x-ray?

Not at all! Most people’s experience with an x-ray often involves going to the dentist. It is just as quick and painless to x-ray a part of your body as it is your teeth. During the process, x-ray beams will pass through your body and produce an image. The image that is produced greatly depends on what material the x-ray is passing through. For example:

  • Bones – If they are dense, white. If there is a fracture, we’ll see the white broken up in the image.
  • Muscles – Less dense than bones, so that it will show up gray.
  • Air in your lungs – The least dense of all, so it will show up much darker on an x-ray image.

Unlike the x-rays machines of the past where it would produce an actual photo that would need to be held up to a light to be seen, our x-ray produces a digital image, hence a “digital x-ray.” These digital images are just as good and much easier to transport and transmit to other medical professionals.

Once an x-ray is taken at our urgent care center by our skilled x-ray technician, it will be read and analyzed. Our board-certified doctor will go over the results with you, and you’ll be sent home with a CD Copy of your x-ray. We can, at your request, forward a copy of this image to your primary care physician or specialist for further examination.

AFC Urgent Care Aston is open seven days a week in Delco. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM. We are located at 5024 Pennell Rd Aston, PA 19014. Our walk-in medical clinic accepts most major insurances. Visit our insurance page to see a list of carriers we currently take. Uninsured? Call our friendly staff today at (484) 766-3502 and ask about our affordable self-pay rates.

We look forward to serving you and helping you feel better!

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